The refget package provides a Python interface to both remote and local use of the refget protocol. This package serves 4 functions:

  1. A lightweight python interface to a remote refget API.

  2. Local caching of retrieved results, improving performance for applications that require repeated lookups.

  3. A fully functioning local implementation of the refget protocol for local analysis backed by either memory, SQLite, or MongoDB.

  4. Convenience functions for computing refget checksums from python and handling FASTA files directly.


pip install refget

Basic use

Retrieve results from a RESTful API

import refget

rgc = refget.RefGetClient("")
rgc.refget("6681ac2f62509cfc220d78751b8dc524", start=0, end=10)

Compute digests locally


Insert and retrieve sequences with a local database

checksum = rgc.load_seq("GGAA")

For more details, see the tutorial.